We have been trying to be the same quality for years

INTERNATIONAL ELEGANT DREAMS. LLC (IED) Was established in the year 2010 and it has evo|ved to xeinz a diversified construction of Civil, Mechanical and Electrical projects related to Power, Stee|, A|uyinuy Sye|ter, Refineries, Fertilizers, Petrochemicals, Oil & Gas & Public Sectors.

INTERNATIONAL ELEGANT (IED) has continued to strive towards becoming a complete multi-disciplinary invention & service provider to meet the requirements of our valued Customers & Clients. INTERNATIONAL ELEGANT (IED) sees customer satisfaction as the key element for success and is commied to provide with quality services in a safe environment to the entire satisfaction of our clients.

INTERNATIONAL ELEGANT (IED) is equipped with the rizht kind of services, staff and resources to ensure the best professional service is provided at all times.

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  • Our Vision

    Our vision is to provide multi-disciplinary products and services in Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and instrumentation projects related to Power, Stee|, A|uyinuy Sye|ter, Refineries, Fertilizers, Petrochemicals, Oil & Gas and Public Sectors. Our aim is to be our Clients and Customers most preferred Professional Service Provider.

  • Our Mission

    Offer quality Products and services to the entire satisfaction of our clients and customers in all disciplines in accordance with statutory practices, codes of conduct and integrity


    Employee Safety
    Commitment to Quality and Customer.
    Economic, Environmental & Social Sustainability

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We have a very good team working with years of experience. There may be a special offer for you in some of our crane services.